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Making Eclipse
Several new items available!!

Dennis W. Montville

Artist, woodturner and builder of woodturning solutions

Sterling Heights, MI


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February happenings

Lot's of things happing in the shop but I just haven't had time to post them, so here goes. Below are photos of two recent works. I'm making several new items but they will not be available for purchase until after my next show at Leon & Lulu's Artist Market this February 26th and 27th. To learn more about that follow this link:

Leon & Lulu's Spring 2017 Artist Market

Another thing to announce is that as of March I will be a member of Lawrence Street Gallery in Ferndale. That means I'll have a constant presence there and will be bringing new work in soon. This will include many artistic works plus several functional items such as bottle stoppers, toothpick holders, pencil holders and some of my unique artist's palettes made from old laserdiscs. I'll let everyone know when my things are in place there.



New tools on eBay now

I've putting some of my tools on eBay for a couple of reasons. Certainly one of the reasons is exposure. eBay has a lot of traffic and I'll get more eyes on my work. But another reason is that they have a great Global Shipping program. So, if you're interested in my tools and don't happen to live in the United States you can easily purchase my tools through eBay. Below are a couple of recently finished tools that I've put on eBay. Click on the image to be taken right to the eBay ad. Don't forget to browse my other auctions to see many tools and other interesting things I have available.



I really do make them!

I wanted to show you that I do indeed make the ferrules I sell for tool handles. Here's a photo of one being finished trimmed on my lathe. After cleaning up the saw cut marks and trimming to length the outside and inside edges are also deburred on the lathe. This process takes time but produces a clean and beautiful ferrule ready for your custom handle.


My next show coming this month

Below is the announcement for the upcoming Best of the Best show at Lawrence Street Gallery in Ferndale, MI. This show opens on Friday, January 13th. I hope that means good fortune for the coming year! The photo to the right of that is a new piece I just finished that's never been shown before called Best of Times. This is one of several works I'll have in the show. Hope to see you there.



I can now take credit cards directly. If you come out and decide to purchase a piece we can process everything on your credit card. _________________________________________________


I've added several new pieces to my Etsy site, so please check it out here:

My Etsy Site

Everything is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. If you have that special Christmas gift in mind for someone you can still get it shipped in time. Let me know if you'd like something different and I'll work hard to make it happen for you.


2nd Place in Think Small Show

My piece called Decision has been awarded 2nd Place in the Think Small show at Lawrence Street Gallery in Ferndale. It is made on one piece of Mahogany and includes the custom fitted display stand. Here is a photo of the award and the winning piece:


 The other piece I have in the show is Restart, shown below. It is one piece of Black Walnut and also comes with a custom fitted display stand.

To see what items I have available for purchase, including my tools and hardware, you can check my new site on Etsy. To go there follow this link:

My Etsy Site

If you have a special request please let me know. I am accepting commission work too now. I just finished a jewelry repair job on a piece of rosewood used as a bracelet clasp.

If you're a local artist looking for someone to collaborate with I'd be happy to work with you. I can help with jig and fixture design and build, and have many unique pieces of woodworking and metal working machinery that you may not have access to otherwise. Scroll down to see a partial listing of my on-site capabilities. Contact me any time to discuss your needs.

I also have many videos on YouTube with everything from tips and pointers for wood turning to simply enjoyable videos of me getting work done. You can find them here:

 YouTube Videos


Type of work I do
I am an artistic woodturner, but that's not the only type of wood work that I do. Here's a short list of my capabilities:
  • Railing posts and balusters
  • Turn to a drawing
  • Custom fits
  • Repairs and replacement work
  • Architectural turnings
  • Prototype models and molds
  • Special one-of-a-kind pieces
  • Architectural reproduction turning
  • Exotic and domestic wood turning
  • My wood or bring your own
  • Rough turning or finish turning
 Here is a list of tools I have available in my shop
10 inch table saw 16 inch bandsaw (metal and wood cutting) scroll saw horizontal bandsaw (metal cutting) 10 inch radial arm saw 15 inch inch thickness planer bandsaw blade resistance welder 7 inch metal lathe
16 inch wood lathe (can turn outboard to 36 inch plus) 7 inch jointer 18-36 drum sander 6x48 belt sander oscillating spindle sander 12 inch disc sander 6 inch and 8 inch grinders 1/2 inch floor standing drill press
Heliarc and stick welder Acetylene welding and cutting torch set Metal and wood cutting die grinders Westhoff drilling machine (you'll just have to see it) Router mounted in table saw Standard and high speed video cameras Mac and PC video editing Call and we can discuss anything
sand blasting cabinet many air and electric hand tools Let me know what work you might need done. If you'd like to talk about a project just send me an email at


Artist Statementnt>

"Wood is one of the most expressive fundamental elements on earth. Once part of a living organism, it still expresses the echoes of that life captured within its fibers. This is the "voice" of the material. Engineering is the "voice" that humankind uses to express itself with works of visual and functional presence. My work combines both voices to create a harmony of natural and man-made beauty"